Why You Should Play Classical Music for Your Pet

Humans are not the only ones who like to listen to music! Our pets do too!

Classical music has always been great way to relax your mind. Did you know that you can calm your pets by playing classical music?

Studies show that playing classical music for pets left alone at home or in a stressful environment does seem to decrease their stress levels and helps keep them calm.

As animals have better hearing than us, you can play it at a low volume, and they will still be able to hear the beautiful music. Pic by Mike Palamuso

Though you can play classical music, make sure to remember that changing the song or type of music after a while may be necessary, as your pet may get used to hearing it.

If your pet becomes too accustomed to the music, it will no longer decrease their stress levels. Make sure the new music is calm and relaxing. Photo by Preston V.

Some of our personal favorite playlists and stations are pop goes classical! With classical renditions of top 40 hits, you will find songs that both you and your pet can enjoy. Take our challenge today to make a playlist for your pets! Take a screen shot of your playlist and share for a chance to be featured!



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