Why Whiskers Are Important

Whiskers are not just adorable, they are essential to your pet's health and happiness!

Many pets from dogs to hamsters to ferrets and cats flaunt whiskers, but why do they need them? Photo by Erica Silverboard Beard

These little hairs are connected to nerves that help your pet sense the world around them.

They serve as a way to figure out the size, shape, and speed of nearby objects.

For cats, whiskers help them see in the dark.

They also help animals determine if they are able to fit into certain spaces. Pic by Connie V.

Whiskers can also help you understand what mood your pet is in. If they are content, the whiskers are completely still.

When scared or unsure they will lay against your pet’s face.

When it’s time to play or hunt, they will point forward. Photo by Willow the beautiful cat

It is important to not cut off your pets' whiskers as this will cause disorientation and change in behavior. They will be unsure of their surroundings. Whiskers are as essential to your pets as their eyes, ears, and nose. Photo by The Bunny Empire



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