Why Do Pets Get Goopy Eyes?

Do you ever notice a little bit of goop in the corner of your pet’s eye?

Most of the time this is perfectly normal. A little bit of goop, called “mucus,” in your pet’s eye is a natural reaction to small particles of dust and debris in the air. The dust is collected by the tears in your pet’s eye and is moved to the corner every time an animal blinks.

Another form of goop around your pet’s eyes can be stains directly below and running from the corners of their eyes. These are called “tear stains” and are caused by “epiphora,” which is the excessive production of tears. Photo by The Oreo Cat

Like mucus, tear stains are usually normal. Photo by FAF_Edu

Fun fact: tear stains can change color depending on the minerals in your pet’s drinking water! To make tear stains lighter, you can give your pet filtered water. Photo by Wiskoknm22

You can use a damp cloth to clean this mucus out of your pet’s eyes and off of their face, and they’ll certainly be grateful for it! Pic: Tako Bella

However, goopy eyes are not always normal. A lot of mucus or strangely colored mucus can indicate allergies or an infection. This can be very painful for your pet! Pic: @percythepersian

If your pet is pawing at their eyes or has abnormal mucus, make sure to take them to the vet for a checkup!

Now go and clean those eyes! Ask a parent to help and do not forget to take a photo to enter our #BrightEyesChallenge on the app!



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