Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

If this question has you scratching your head, then read on to find out what your pet is thinking!

The head tilt may be one of the cutest things a dog can do! But why do our furry friends do this? Pic by Barking Mad Photography

There are a few reasons behind your pet’s head tilt. Studies show that dogs will tilt their head if they are puzzled or confused by what you are saying.

This is their way of “saying” that they don’t understand! Pic by Linda Clemonts Bedford

An even cuter reason is that your dog is more sensitive or is more emotionally connected to you. Pic by French_geogie

Though dogs have hearing that is far better than ours, they will tilt their heads to better “hear” an exciting statement such as “Want to go for a walk?” or “Want a treat?” Pic by Sheepish Addie

Do you have a big-nosed dog who regularly head tilts? He’s trying to see you better! Their nose can sometimes get in the way of seeing our facial expressions. They head tilt to see your whole face and better understand what you are saying!

What word makes your dog’s head tilt? Be sure to post your answer on our question of the day feature! Pic by Sioux Empire Pit Rescue

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