Why Do Dogs' Paws Smell Like Corn Chips?

Everyone who owns a dog knows that they can smell funny sometimes. Specifically, dogs’ feet can start to smell like corn chips! Many dog owners notice this weird smell, but most don’t know what causes it.

There are multiple reasons why your dog’s feet can smell like corn chips. One of these reasons is bacteria. Bacteria of the genera Proteus or Pseudomonas can make a yeasty, corn chip smell. Another possible reason is sweaty feet. While dogs don’t sweat all over like humans do, they can still get stinky, sweaty feet. The sweat can stick to the fur between their footpads and grow even more smelly bacteria.

While doggy foot odor is usually harmless, it’s a good idea to clean them up once their feet start smelling. You can lessen foot odor by carefully trimming the hair between their foot pads. Less hair means fewer places for bacteria to grow!

It is also important to bathe your dog regularly and to shampoo their stinky paws. Make sure to dry them thoroughly, or bacteria will start to grow in damp places!

If your dog’s feet are super stinky or seem to be itchy or painful, make sure to take them to the vet. This odor can be a sign of infection or fungus.

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