Today is Earth Day! Just as we have to take care of our pets, we should also be taking care of our precious Planet Earth as well! Eco Awareness is taking the time to think about and help the environment around you.

There are many, many types of environments found all over the world. Wherever you live, as humans, it is our duty to keep those environments clean and safe for animals.

Being eco aware means that you look for helpful changes you can make to keep your environment healthy. Remember, small changes can have a BIG impact.

Recycling is a one way to be Eco Aware. Recycling is collecting used product containers and turning them in so that they can be made into something else that is useful.

Things like aluminum and plastic bottles can be turned into your local recycling center.

The recycling center will take all of the reusable items and ship them to companies that will turn them into other useful products.

For example: a lot of the grocery bags you get at the grocery store have been made from plastic items turned in by people who have recycled their empty containers!

However; these single use plastic bags are littering our oceans and can cause serious illness or death in marine animals.

Invest in some stylish reusable bags or buy blank ones and decorate yourself! Keep a small nylon reusable bag in your backpack or purse, or keep several in your car for trips to the grocery store.

Talk to your parents about starting a recycling program at your house.

Your recycling and eco awareness could make a big difference in keeping our wonderful planet healthy!



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