The PEP! App!

PAWsome things are happening here at the PEP! Squad! For many years, we have dreamed of building an app so we can inspire more kids to be responsible pet owners and animal heroes!

Kids (and grown ups) are glued to their phones, so why make them choose between playing with their pets or playing on their phones?!

We are combining those two experiences and rewarding them for playing, bonding, and taking an active role in their pet's lives!

We will be launching our beta test app in the Winter, 2018 and we are looking for 500 kids to be testers! These kids will get exclusive early access to our app and will be crucial in helping us develop and work out all the bugs and features for our national release!

Fill out this form if you or your child would like to apply to be a beta tester! Because we will be tracking user data and behavior on the app, all testers will be required to provide parental verification! This will either be through a phone call, through a parent's email address, or signed document. No exceptions.

Oh and one more, BIG thing..... We are proud to announce that we are launching the first national Kid Friendly Veterinary Practice Certification™! Veterinary care is such an essential part of raising a happy and healthy pet, so we are excited to help encourage more kids and their pets to visit their vets! Veterinarians who are interested in engaging their future clients can fill out the form on our site and a PEP! Rep will be in touch shortly!

Thank you for all your support and love as we take this big PEP! step! Our PEP! Squad has been working hard. PS... please follow our app instagram @ mypepsquad.




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