The Life of an Outside Dog

“But my dog loves to be outside!” That may be so, but leaving your dog outside all the time can have some negative effects on both you and your dog.

Remember that, like their wolf ancestors, dogs are pack animals. Leaving them outside instead of inside with your family can make them sad. Photo: Sigurd loves playing outside but lives a great life indoors with his family.

If a dog feels separated from its human pack, it can become very anxious and develop bad habits: chewing, constant barking, digging, and eating plants, to name a few.

Leaving your dog outside also makes it hard for them to socialize with people and other dogs. Your sweet dog may develop aggressive behavior out of fear or confusion.

Not only is being outside all the time emotionally hard on a dog, it is physically challenging. Even with a doghouse, dogs are vulnerable to poisonous plants, venomous snakes, and aggressive animals that may enter the yard.

Outside dogs are especially vulnerable to extreme weather, too. They get cold just like humans. And because they can’t sweat, dogs can easily get heat stroke.

If you absolutely must leave your dog outside for an extended period of time, it is necessary to provide them with plenty of water, a regular source of food, a clean doghouse, and a place to stay warm or cool depending on the weather. But remember, it is always best to let your dog inside to be a part of the family and a part of your pack.

If you have an outside dog, use our task feature to set up a reminder to pay a visit to your pup each day! They will be so happy to see you!

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