Take the #PartOfThePack Pledge

Who is part of your squad or tribe? Whatever you call your group of friends, doesn't it feel good to be included and around others? Our pets feel the same way! Many animals live in a pack mentality and they may very well think of you as their pack leader.

However, some pets do think that they are the king or queen. 😂(Pris)

Whatever the case, most pets want to live indoors with you.

A life on a chain is just no life at all! We know that many of you reading this are just kids and it is your parent's choice whether your pet lives indoors or outdoors. Just remember that when you grow up and get your own pet, you can make the choice to keep your pets indoors!

That is why we launched our new challenge so you can promise your pets ( and your future pets ) that they will always be #PartOfThePack. Make a card with the #PartOfthePack and "I Promise!" and take a pic to share!



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