#PlayWithYourPet Challenge

Imagine not being able to play on your phone or open the door to go outside and run around whenever you are bored. This is what our pets deal with each and everyday. Even though our pets do not play the same games that we humans do, they still need to be stimulated physically and mentally!

So that is why we made our first challenge on our new app to be the #PlayWithYourPet challenge. There are plenty of games to play with your pets. Post your pics of your pets playing or their favorite toys to our new app! Join the challenge and you will be entered to win a special prize for your pet!

There are so many fun ways things to do with your pet, but here are some of our favorite tips and games to get your pets feisty and frisky!

Cat Nip: The purrrfect ingredient to play time with your feline friend is catnip! If you have a senior cat this all natural plant can help your kitty feel like a kitten all over again.

Fetch: Teaching your dog to play fetch is one of the most rewarding and essential games to pet hood. If your dog is having a hard time bringing the ball back, keep a pocket full of treats to lure him or her to you.

DIY Mazes: You can build DIY mazes for your pocket critters and ferrets. Try using old boxes or even wooden blocks! Be sure to have a special treat waiting for them at the end of the maze!

Bubbles: Have you ever blown bubbles for your pets? Try it out and check out their reaction! Always remember to use non-toxic bubbles.

Remember your pet thinks of you as their BFF! You can assume that their brain is either thinking about food or you! So go ahead and make time to put a smile on your their face today!

Join the challenge by clicking the magnify glass icon on our new app and scroll down to the #playwithyourpetchallenge. We will choose and announce a winner on Friday, March 22!

NOTE: The PEP! app is currently under closed beta testing and is closed. To join our waitlist subscribe to our email list at



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