Pet Cents: Pocket Critters

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Owning a pet is fun! It can also be a challenging and cost can quickly add up. If you have a pocket critter in your life, here are some easy DIY projects that they are sure to enjoy!

Whatever type of pet you have, there are sure to be creative and inexpensive ways to care for it. Look around your home and there will be plenty of objects that can be repurposed into fun and interactive toys. Photo by Maddie L.

Hamsters/Rodents: Look no further than your bathroom or kitchen! Toilet paper, paper towel rolls, and other paper-based products like tissue paper boxes; all can be used as temporary houses.

But remember, you must make all objects safe by removing plastic or sharp parts! And remember to check your rodent’s DIY house or tunnel is still clean and safe.

For example, you will want to remove the small plastic liner usually attached to the inside of most tissue boxes.

The best part is that when the cardboard tunnel or house is dirty or chewed up, you can remove it from the cage and recycle it! Then replace it with a new one.

Feeling crafty? This simple and creative pet DIY can be a cost-effective way for you to provide a house or play gym for your pet.

You can also make decorations to brighten up your critter's habitat. We love this sign made by @hamsterdear!

Do you have tips or projects to help keep pocket critters stimulated and engaged? We would love to see! Post a pic for our #MixItUp Challenge!



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