PEP! The App that Helps Kids Help Animals!

Calling all kids and teens! It is time to get PEPPY for animals! Pets everywhere need you and our new app is here to help you, help animals!

PEP! Is an online community of kids who love animals and want to make a difference. It has many features to help to improve the lives of animals by empowering youth within their homes and communities.

William reading to shelter pets. Photo by Renee Carter

If you ever wanted be an animal rescuer but did not know how, our app is here to guide the way! Check out the pawsome ways you can use our app to help animals!

1- Create a profile! The PEP! App is a kid safe social network. All profiles must get verifiable parental permission before posting. So be sure to enter a valid email address for your parents and tell them how excited you are to help animals through the app!

2- Add your pets. If you have one pet or ten, you can create a profile for each of your pets and enter whether they have been adopted, spayed, neutered, or microchipped.

3- Create tasks to earn points for taking care of your pets. We all get busy! Between homework and sports, it is easy to get distracted. Our tasks feature makes it easy to stay on top of all your pet care responsibilities.

You can add tasks for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly and an alert will be sent directly to your phone! Try adding a reminder for weekly nail trims, daily walks, or heartworm prevention!

4- If your parent has verified your account, you will earn points for completing your pet care tasks that can be redeemed for actual prizes!

5- Join a challenge. Each day we will be posting a new and easy challenge to help you provide your pets a full and happy life! So after reading this article, head on over to join our #PlayWithYourPetChallenge and post a photo of your pet getting frisky!

6- Volunteer at a shelter. You may have a spoiled pet at home, but we encourage you to share your heart, time, and talents to help animals who may need it. Shelters all across the nation are in need of helping hands. Even though you may just be a kid, there are many ways you can make a difference.

7- Find a shelter in your community by going to the menu and clicking “Find a Shelter”.

Participating shelters have many volunteer opportunities to choose from! Whether it be taking photos of pets, hosting a lemonade stand, or helping with laundry; there is a way for you to get involved!

8- Educational content made just for kids: Pets do not come with an owners manual nor can they talk. Our educational features section can be found on the challenge page. Each day we will feature new educational and entertaining articles so kids can learn how to raise a happy and healthy pet. Plus we will feature a new adoptable pet each week!

10- Answer our question of the day: We all love talking about our pets and the crazy or adorable things that they do! Head on over to our question section to tell us and share a pic of your pet being pawsome!

11- Leaderboard: We want to give an opportunity for all our animal heroes out there to get noticed! Our leaderboard will feature the top animal heroes of the day along with our PEP! Stars and other kids who are making a big difference in the lives of animals.

The PEP! App is currently in beta testing and is closed for new users. If you would like to join our waitlist, sign up for our emails and we will be in touch once we complete testing and launch the full app!

The PEP! App was created in partnership with PEP! The Pet Education Project. A nonprofit organization that educates and inspires kids to be responsible pet owners and animal heroes. The Pet Education Project’s humane education programs educates kids in schools and trains shelter staff on how to promote responsible pet ownership among youth within their community.



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