How to Socialize a Shy Pet

Don't shy away from socializing your pet! Here are some tips to help a shy pet come out of their shell, cage, or kennel!

Some pets are more shy than others. This may be because of how they were raised, a traumatizing event, or it simply may be their personality. The first tip to getting your pet to be more social is to always think pawsitively- And we mean with positive reinforcement!

Treats and rewards are an amazing way to let your pet know that the situation it is in is a good one. We often like to say the way to a pets heart is through their tummy!

Let’s say your pet is shy around other people and tends to run away or hide behind you. Offer a treat or something that your pet loves to the other person. This will help show your pet that the other person is good. Why are they good? Because they have treats, of course!

Food is a great motivator for most pets. If food doesn’t work, toys or an activity they enjoy is another way to reward them.

The thing to remember is to always respect your pet's fears, as there may be a serious reason behind them. Do your best to help them move past it, but do not force them.

All pets should have a safe space that they can call their own. Always provide access to a kennel or cubby when acclimating. Pic by @the_girl_with_the_navy_kitchen

It is important to slowly introduce your pet to new areas and situations. Forcing them into a situation may make their fears worse.

Remember that the goal of socializing your pet is to make them happier and to give them a fuller life! If you have a shy pet, use our tasks feature to remind you to spend 5- 10 minutes each day to socialize your pet. Photo by Gretchen M.



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