How to Safely Adventure with Your Kitty

Cats are fun pets to have in your home! But have you ever considered taking them out on an adventure?

Many kitties enjoy experiencing the outdoors but it is not safe to let them roam. If you have an adventurous kitty, here are some ideas to make exploring fun and safe!

Before you start, make sure your kitty has a tag and microchip with your information on it just in case!

The best way to get your kitty used to wearing a harness is to start using one at a young age. Attach a leash, and off you go!

People all over the world take their kitties on hikes and walks, filling their social media sites with the most adorable pictures. Who said dogs get all the fun of romps around the neighborhood?

If your kitty does not want to walk on a leash, which happens sometimes, you can always use a kitty backpack.

There are specially designed backpacks with windows and air holes that allow you to carry your kitty around to see the world. They come in many different colors and can be found online and in some pet stores.

Kitty strollers are another option for you to travel with your kitty.

They are like a cat carrier on wheels. They are useful for walks around the neighborhood, or for a trip to the vet so they are safe from other animals. You can find these online and at pet stores as well.

The traditional way to travel with your kitty is, of course, a good old cat carrier. Make sure to make it a safe space for them. Treats and their favorite toys are a great way to get them used to hanging out in there.

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