How To Make Brushing Your Pets Easier: Tips for Kids

Let’s #FluffItUp Y’all!

Grooming and brushing is an essential part of taking care of your pets. It is something we should do if not daily, weekly. Long haired pets can develop health problems like sores and hairballs when not groomed properly.

Sadly, many people do not take the time and may even surrender their pets because they shed too much or are too high maintenance.

Grooming does not have to be a chore. In fact it can be both fun and relaxing for you and your pets! Here are some tips to #FluffItUp! Titan is still looking for his furever home! Photo by Shreveport Bossier Animal Rescue

1- Set the mood! Imagine being at a spa, how the sounds and the smells instantly relax you. Turn on some classical music, turn off the tv, and use sprays like feliway or pet calming sprays. Bruno enjoys listening to calm music!

2- Do not try to brush your pet when they are playful. That can result in a scratch or a bite! Ouch! Try playing with your pet before hand to get their energy out. Photo by Gretchen M.

3- Use a grooming glove. Some pets prefer this over brushes because it feels like you are petting them.

4- Treats! Remember pawsitive reinforcement helps! So have treats handy to help your pets associate that brushing = rewards.

5- Find a brush that your pet enjoys the most will help to make brushing a more pleasant experience for both of you. There are many to choose from! When purchasing a new brush, be sure to save the receipt in case your pet does not like it. Most companies offer satisfaction guarantees and you can likely return them!

6- Join our #FluffItUpChallenge! Post a picture of your pet looking extra fluffy and adorable or share a pic of the fur you collected! We can’t wait to see!



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