Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are a great choice of pet. They have a wide variety of communications, from chirps to whistles and calls.

Often guinea pigs will recognize their owner’s voice and chirp vigorously as a greeting!

The proper care of a guinea pig is an important consideration to make prior to adding a one to your family.

A balanced, healthy diet is essential to a guinea pig’s health. The diet of a guinea pig consists primarily of 75% timothy hay, 15% fresh leafy vegetables, 5% timothy pellets and 5% fresh fruits.

Additionally, guinea pigs have an absolute requirement for Vitamin C, as deficiencies lead to scurvy, just like in people. Guinea pigs should be provided a daily supplement tablet to maintain normal levels.

When considering an environment, it’s important to choose an appropriately sized cage. Guinea pigs like to stay low to the ground and should have at least 30” x 36” of space.

If owning multiple guinea pigs, an additional 3 square feet per guinea pig is recommended.

Did you know? Paper bedding is preferred over wood shavings, as cedar shavings contain aromatic oils that can irritate your guinea pig’s feet and lungs.

Keep in mind, guinea pigs require monthly nail trims to avoid overgrowth and injury. They are also prone to dental disease, as their teeth continuously grow.

A number of toys and huts for their cage can provide mental stimulation as well as an appropriate outlet for chewing.

Your guinea pig should have a yearly examination with an experienced veterinarian who is comfortable with exotic patients.

Don't forget to join our #This LittlePiggyNeedsAHome Challenge.

Did you know that you can adopt a guinea pig from an animal shelter? Many people are not aware that just like dogs and cats, guinea pigs need to find homes too. Today's challenge is to find an adoptable guinea pig online and post a photo of it!

Today we featured Garak from Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue. The adoption donation is $35 for a single piggy. The adoption donation is $60 for a piggy pair, and $75 for a piggy trio.

They are located in Lewisville, TX.

For more info or to adopt: (972) 219-1963



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