Do You Have Time for a Pet?

PAWs to think before getting a pet!

Pets are the cutest! Not much beats snuggling up with your pets or admiring their adorable antics! As much as we at PEP! Love animals, we know that they can be a lot of work. Photo by Jessica Davis

Owning a pet goes beyond playing with it. There are daily tasks that you must do each day in order to provide them a happy and healthy life!

Did you know that many people get pets and give them away because they realized they did not have enough time for them? Imagine how that pet must feel.

So before getting a pet, ask yourself these questions

1- Do you have the time to take care of of a pet? Photo by Blankets for Paws

2- Before getting a pet, It is important to research your dream animal’s lifestyle and needs.

3- If it is a rabbit, do you have enough time to take him out of his cage and let him hop around a few times per week? Pic: Natalia takes her bunny Rudi out for some fresh air.

4- How busy is your school schedule? Do you have sports or extracurricular activities that require your attention?

5- Do you think you will like the animal for its entire life? Some pets can live to be older than 20 years old. What do you think you will be doing in 20 years? Pius age 20, Photo by Courtney Wingate

6- This is the very important last question! What do you think your pet will look like when it is middle aged or old? Research what your pet will look like through these stages.

7-Many pets are abandoned because the animal did not meet the owners expectations. Raising a happy and healthy pet does not just costs money, but also costs time!

8- Good research on the pet you think you want could point you to a pet that better fits your lifestyle. It can also save the life of a pet that is purchased on impulse, preventing it from being surrendered to a shelter. Photo of PEP! Star, Jessica Allee and her bearded dragon, Chloe



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