DIY Pet Sweater

Did you know that your pets can get chilly just like you do?

Here’s how to make a sweater to keep your pet nice and cozy. Get an adult to help you out, so you can both have fun and stay safe.

1. Get an old, long-sleeved shirt or sweater that you don’t want anymore. Make sure your pet’s body can fit inside the sleeve, or their sweater will be too tight!

2. Carefully cut off one of the sleeves.

3. Cut the sleeve long enough to cover your pet from neck to tail.

4. Diagonally cut the tail end of the sleeve, so it doesn’t bunch around your pet’s back legs.

5. Cut a hole in the bottom for your pet’s front legs.

6. Place the cute new sweater on your pet. Make sure the sweater isn’t too tight, or your pet will be uncomfortable! You can always cut the leg holes to make them a little bigger, but take the sweater off of your pet first.

7. Step number 7! The most important one of all! Snuggle your sweater-wearing pet for extra coziness.



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