Chessie Smiles

Every shelter pet has a story! Meet one who has stolen the hearts of people allover with her adorable smile!

Big dogs are often overlooked at rescues and shelters, so shelter pups like Chessie may find themselves waiting months and sometimes years to find their forever home.

When a shelter is full of big dogs, it may be hard to stand out from the pack, but Chessie had a special way of getting people to notice her.

Chessie, once called Curly Sue, was turned in as a stray to animal control. She was originally listed as a heartworm positive Labrador Retriever, so her only hope was to be saved by a rescue.

The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana saw her picture and quickly noticed that Chessie was actually not a lab!

She was Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a rare and lovable breed! Thus the name “Chessie!”

After her heartworm treatment, she sat at the shelter for over a year!

People just overlooked her. She was over 100lbs, and people thought her smile was a growl.

It was that smile that scared so many potential adopters but ultimately won the shelter director, Courtney Wingate’s, heart. She decided to officially adopt Chessie just one year after she entered the rescue.

Since then, Chessie has gotten quite comfortable in her furever home. Her mischievous endeavors often leaves her mom scratching her head and, of course, smiling.

The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana has plenty adorable pets up for adoption! They are located at 2544 Linwood Avenue, Shreveport, La. Check them out online and be sure to give them a like on facebook!


Photos courtesy of Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana and Courtney Wingate



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