Be #FanTaskTic

Be #FanTaskTic! Use our task feature to keep yourself accountable for taking care of your pets! Share your screenshots or pics of you holding your phone of the tasks that you added to take care of your pets!

@sidneylovespep used her tasks to remind her to take her pups out for a walk and give medicine to her dogs each day!

@Emmyb set up task for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly! Add things like heartworm prevention, vet visits, grooming, and much more!

PEP! Founder, @erica, added daily reminders to scrub water bowls, since her kitty Pris likes to dip her paw in it and get the water dirty, and to brush Joey's teeth!

If you want to earn points for doing your tasks, your parents must download the app and verify each time you have completed a task!

Once your parents download the app, have them head on over to the menu and hit 'sync reminders' so they will get a notification for each tasks you complete!

Share your screenshots so other PEP! Squad members can get ideas on how to be #FanTaskTic! Head on over to our challenge page now!



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